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Cagliari Elmas Airport - Airport Development Plan

General information

Work: Cagliari Elmas Airport

Project: Cagliari Elmas Airport - Airport Development Plan

Description: The Airport Development Plan provides for an extension of the airport with the construction of an general aviation apron and parking areas, the rationalization and relocation of airport services and military installations located in the south east areas, which will be transformed into commercial aviation aprons for both passengers and freight, the restructuring of the existing installations in the west area of the airport for the creation of a technical basis for maintenance and for the establishment of a logistics park and the extension to the north east of the passenger air terminal.

Developer: ENAC - Ente Nazionale per l'Aviazione Civile

Project type: Airports

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Territories and marine areas


Regions: Sardegna

Provinces: Cagliari

Municipalities: Elmas, Cagliari

Marine areas: None

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Procedure Procedure Code Starting date Stage of the procedure
EIA Compliance 5931 08/03/2021 Suspended Procedure details Documents
EIA Compliance 5930 08/03/2021 Suspended Procedure details Documents
Environmental Impact Assessment 355 24/08/2011 Concluded Procedure details Documents