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Upgrading of the "Castelvetrano-Salemi" (TP) wind farm

General information

Work: "Castelvetrano-Salemi" on-shore wind farm

Project: Upgrading of the "Castelvetrano-Salemi" (TP) wind farm

Description: The project involves the decommissioning of 30 existing wind turbines and the installation of 18 new wind turbines with a total capacity of 77,4 MW.

Developer: ERG Wind Sicilia 6 S.r.l.

Project type: Onshore wind farm

Deadline for submission of comments: 04/05/2019 mail

Territories and marine areas


Regions: Sicilia

Provinces: Trapani

Municipalities: Salemi, Santa Ninfa, Vita, Castelvetrano

Marine areas: None

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Procedure Procedure Code Starting date Stage of the procedure
Environmental Impact Assessment 4182 23/07/2018 EIA-SEA Technical Committee's assessment Procedure details Documents