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#SAA2017 Environmental Assessments: Stay informed and get involved - “SEA and EIA Non technical Summary”



The Directorate-General for the Environmental Assessments and Authorizations of the Ministry of the Environment joined the Open Government Week #SAA2017,sponsored by the Department for Public Administration, through the publication, scheduled on the 10th March 2017, of the guidelines for the Non technical Summary of the Environmental Impact Study (EIA) and guidelines for the Non technical Summary of the Environmental Report (SEA).

The preparation of documents oriented to an audience not necessarily experts on specific topics is part of a comprehensive simplification framework of the relations between administrations and citizens and improves the quality of the process of participation in decision-making, ensuring civil society to contribute actively and in a conscious and proactive way to the Environmental Assessment procedures (SEA and EIA).

The Guidelines are intended to provide methodological and operational indications to the developers for the preparation of the Non technical Summary and provide homogeneous editorial criteria both regarding the structure and the contents of the document, which will need necessarily to be adapted to the specific characteristics of the plan/program/project and to the environmental and territorial reference.

The Guidelines are made available as first release in order to receive helpful comments and suggestions from all subjects involved in the SEA and EIA processes, so that they can better respond to their purposes.