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#SAA2017 Environmental assessments: Stay informed and get involved - "Citizen Area"



The Directorate-General for the Environmental Assessments and Authorizations of the Ministry of the Environment joined the open government week #SAA2017 sponsored by the Department for Public Administration, thruoug the launch of the new Citizen Area section of the SEA-EIA portal scheduled on the 10th March 2017.

The Citizen Area webpage has been updated and improved to facilitate the quality and accessibility of information to the public in the SEA and EIA procedures.

The layout of the Citizen Area webpage has been modified to promote a user-friendly access to its contents such as main information on SEA and EIA procedures, modalities to access official documents and for submission of comments. In particular, a specific form for the submission of comments on plans/programmes/projects under consultation has been prepared; the form standardizes the comments’ contents facilitating both their completion by the user and their management by the competent Directorate in order to their publication on the SEA-EIA portal.