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Adaptation of the waterway access to Venice’s marine station

Stazione marittima Venezia


The EIA procedure (Strategic works Law 443/2001), pursuant to articles 183 and 165 of Legislative Decree 163/2006 as amended, for the preliminary project of the adaptation of the Contorta-Sant'Angelo channel as waterway access to Venice's maritime station and the redevelopment of the areas adjacent to the channel has started.

The channel, connecting the Malamocco-Marghera channel to Venice's maritime station, will be about 5 km long, with a navigable width of 100 m, slopes of 1:3 and a depth of -10.50 m mamsl. The new waterway access to Venice's maritime station is proposed as the alternative waterway provided by Ministerial Decree of 2nd of March 2012 that prohibits passenger ships of more than 40,000 GT to cross the port of Lido inlet and the Giudecca channel to reach Venice’s maritime station.