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#SAA2018 Environmental Assessments: Stay informed and get involved - “Guidelines for the EIA non technical summary”



The Directorate-General for the Environmental Assessments and Authorizations of the Ministry of the Environment joined the Open Government Week #SAA2018, sponsored by the Department for Public Administration, through the publication, scheduled on the 5th February 2017, of a new version of the Guidelines for the non technical summary of the Environmental Impact Study (EIA).

The Guidelines aims to be a support and guidance tool for the developers in the preparation of the Non technical Summary, that must be presented in the EIA documentation, to ensure an effective understanding of the project and the its potential environmental effects. A better quality of the information contained in the non-technical summary ensures clarity and ease of understanding of the project and of the environmental aspects in the EIA even by an audience not necessarily experts. Consequently, the process of public participation in decision-making processes will be more effective, ensuring that civil society actively contributes to the EIA procedure.

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