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Consultation phase of EIA and SEA procedures - The reasons why to make use of the form for the submission of comments



In order to facilitate the publication of SEA, EIA and EIA Screening procedures’ comments, the Directorate General for Environmental Assessments and Authorizations has already made available on the Communic-action - Citizen Area section of the SEA-EIA website a specific form for the submission of comments, where the contents of comments are separated from the observer’s personal data.

In the first part of the form (page 1 and 2) the following information has to be included:

  • type of procedure (SEA, EIA, EIA Screening);
  • identification data;
  • plans, programmes and projects titles;
  • contents of comments (which may also be submitted as an annex).

In the second part of the form (Annex 1 to the form) it is necessary to insert personal data, give consent to the processing of personal data and provide a copy of a valid identity document (Annex 2 to the form).

The contents of comments are published on the related web pages of the SEA-EIA Portal, whereas the personal data of the observer, contained in Annexes 1 and 2, with the exception of the identification data, are not published on the portal.

The submission of comments in different formats is allowed, nevertheless this involves time consuming for publication, as well as a heavy burden for the administration, as to ensure the privacy, personal data provided in the sections dedicated to the contents of comments shall be identified and made not visible.

Download the form for the submission of comments